BWI Group commits to carbon-neutral production

Sustainability ambition launched as new plant sets benchmark

  • Concrete measures taken to achieve zero carbon emission goals.
  • BWI 2.0 strategy advanced by new management team with global background.
  • Global footprint expands to provide safe, comfortable, smart and sustainable mobility solutions.

Nov. 21, Beijing. BWI Group announces its latest sustainability ambition with expectations to achieve carbon-neutrality in operations by 2027 and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 across its supply chain. This announcement was made along with a series of other worldwide initiatives at the start of the production ceremony of the company’s Zhangjiakou Manufacturing Base.

George Chang, Board Director and Global CEO of BWI Group said at the ceremony on Nov 17:

“BWI Group is actively taking the responsibility of corporate citizen as a key link in the auto industry upstream value chain. We launched concrete measures worldwide in all our sites to empower customers to realize their carbon emission goals.”
BWI Group is set to achieve carbon neutral emissions in operations by 2027

BWI Group has developed an ambitious carbon neutral plan to promote customers’ sustainable development activities around the world. The first step is to power all BWI Group manufacturing facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2027, which will help the group achieve carbon-neutral emissions in operations in the same year.

The second step is to remove an equivalent amount of all 7 greenhouse gases from emissions in production and supply-chain activities to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in supply chain by 2050, according to BWI Group’s ambitious sustainability plan.

BWI Groups sustainability plan is directly related to 8 of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

To reach these ambitions and targets, BWI Group has developed 8 workstreams to drive decarbonization in its organization. This initiative is directly related to 8 of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and indirectly related to all 17 goals.

BWI Group has established a Sustainability Board and appointed a Global Sustainability Director to oversee the initiatives mentioned above. A dedicated project champion with a specific scope of work has been selected to drive each initiative.

The sustainability initiatives have involved several reporting and auditing initiatives that measure the group’s progress towards sustainability targets, including the following globally accepted approaches: Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), NQC (SAQ 5.0), EcoVadis, Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Responsible Mineral Initiative (RMI), and Conflict Mineral Reporting Template (CMRT).

BWI Group plans to empower clean smart mobility by promoting concrete sustainable measures

As an active component of the sustainable development strategy, Zhangjiakou Manufacturing Base will make full use of abundant local green energy, ensuring that the plant operates on 100% renewable energy by 2027. As BWI Group’s largest plant, Zhangjiakou Manufacturing Base not only sets a benchmark in terms of its total floor area, but also when it comes to decarbonization efforts.

The Zhangjiakou Manufacturing Base was optimized for intelligent assembly and green building standards from its blueprint through its construction process. It is equipped with sustainable development features such as rooftop photovoltaic for green power generation, solar hot water systems, and LED energy-saving lamps for the workshop.

In addition, it is expected that the entire photovoltaic roof area will reach 22,000 square meters after the completion of the plant. The installed capacity totals about 2 megawatts, which will generate green power of nearly 2 million kWh annually.

“Our Zhangjiakou Manufacturing Base’s photovoltaic roof alone will directly cut carbon dioxide emissions by about 1200 ton per year,” – said Mr. Chang.

BWI Group partners with ClearMotion for High-Volume Active Suspension Business

BWI Group, a global leader in automotive braking and suspension system technology, has partnered with ClearMotion Inc., a global transportation technology company, to supply essential full-active suspension components and subsystems to a leading Chinese New Energy Vehicle (NEV) manufacturer.

Following the two firms’ successful research and development collaboration on the ClearMotion1 (CM1) high-bandwidth active suspension system, this milestone marks a break-through, giving BWI and ClearMotion a clear advantage in an important emerging market focused on increased vehicle passenger comfort, productivity, and experience.

The CM1 active suspension system combines BWI Group’s market-leading vehicle damping technology with ClearMotion’s deep intellectual property portfolio and know-how of vehicle and hydraulic motor/pump control. Coupled with ClearMotion’s control algorithms and integrated master control software, this brings dramatic levels of passenger compartment motion control in both dynamic and static situations: when integrated with the infotainment system, CM1 delivers an immersive in-cabin experience, too.

“Drawing upon our proprietary and extensive suspension damping system expertise, BWI technology solved inherent technical challenges usually present in high-bandwidth full-active suspension systems,” said George Chang, CEO of BWI Group. “ClearMotion and BWI Group together make a great team, utilizing our respective strengths to empower smart mobility.”

ClearMotion CEO Christian Steinmann commented, “We’re delighted to have BWI as a key strategic partner, leveraging our combined expertise to revolutionize in cabin experience via advanced suspension systems. ClearMotion1 will provide enhanced comfort, increased performance, improved safety, and entertainment for an immersive user experience for mobility of the future.  This partnership with BWI solidifies our shared vision to advance new technologies, shaping a new era of mobility.”

About BWI Group

With innovative and impactful solutions, including MagneRide® active damping, AeroRide™ air suspension, and ValveRide™ continuously variable damping as well as DBC1280 ESC, iDBC1 One-Box, and iDBC2 Two-Box brake systems, BWI Group is a premier chassis supplier that designs and manufactures brake and suspension systems for the global transportation market. For more information visit  

About ClearMotion Inc.

ClearMotion builds products enabling a next-generation user experience in vehicles. The company’s proactive suspension and road sensing software mitigate vehicle motion across uneven road surfaces. ClearMotion was founded out of MIT and has locations in Boston, USA, Birmingham, UK, and Shanghai, China. For more information visit

The best of two worlds

What happens when you bring together a premium tier-one supplier of brake and suspension systems to the world’s leading automakers and a think tank that has been developing innovative concepts for the automotive industry for a quarter of a century?

You create a cooperation in which core competencies are combined in the best way imaginable! With the aim of offering customers even greater benefits and developing the future of braking systems for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

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New Lead Investor for BWI Group

BWI Group announced on September 19, 2022, that Beijing West Smart Mobility Zhangjiakou Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., led by Zhang Jia Kou Financial Holding Group (ZJKFH) and an assembled syndicate of key investors has acquired the majority ownership shares in BWI Group (BWI).  ZJKFH, brings a long-term vision to invest and grow the global BWI business.

As the lead investor, ZJKFH will cooperate with other investors to provide the benefit of their financial strength and diversified industrial portfolio to BWI. The new shareholders will operate the business with a team of experienced automotive executives led by Mr. George Chang, who is named Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Chang and his experienced global leadership team will focus on several business objectives including improving top line revenue growth and driving manufacturing excellence.

About Zhang Jia Kou Financial Holding Group (ZJKFH)

ZJKFH originated in the city of Zhangjiakou and is a diversified financial holding group. The city of Zhangjiakou is one of the car manufacturing bases in northern China hosting a series of major producers as well as several auto parts suppliers.

About George Chang

Mr. Chang is a well-regarded automotive executive with industry experience at Nissan and Autoliv.  For the latter he held various leadership positions, the most recent being Global President for Autoliv’s $8.0 B passive safety business.

BWI Group Named a 2021 Automotive News PACE Awards Finalist

Semi-Active Roll Control (SARC) System provides increased suspension articulation for off-roading

BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System de-latches the front stabilizer bar when off-roading at low speed and over large obstacles, allowing a primary benefit of maximum wheel articulation and therefore, maximum possible traction, and a secondary benefit of increased ride comfort. Semi-Active Roll Control uses a self-contained hydraulic mechanism to latch and de-latch the stabilizer bar with the push of a button. It can unlatch under load (and from the driver’s seat), and when re-latching, the Self-Centering EZ-Latch™ feature in the hydraulic mechanism will cause the stabilizer bar to latch from any position. The Self-Centering EZ-Latch™ feature does not rely upon pins or spring-loaded actuators, but instead uses the motion of the suspension to “power” the sealed hydraulic system within the Semi-Active Roll Control System.

Automotive News has selected BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System (SARC) as a 2021 PACE Awards Finalist.  Selected from among a tremendously competitive group of high-caliber applications, BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System stands out as the only suspension technology in the international field of 31 finalists from 27 different companies.

 Winners of the Automotive News PACE Awards will be announced on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

About BWI Group

BWI Group is a full-service supplier of chassis, suspension, and brake products for the Automotive OEM market. With a heritage reaching back nearly 100 years, our people, technical centers, manufacturing plants and intellectual property enable us to bring to market a product range from items such as twin-tube dampers and brake system components to highly sophisticated systems which are expertly integrated into the world’s best automobiles.

About the Automotive News PACE Awards

The Automotive News Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence (PACE) Awards, now in its 27th year, is recognized around the world as the industry benchmark for automotive innovation.  The 2021 edition of the Automotive News PACE Awards will be awarded to international automotive suppliers in recognition of a technological innovation in product or processes that has reached commercial application.