BWI Group Named a 2021 Automotive News PACE Awards Finalist

Semi-Active Roll Control (SARC) System provides increased suspension articulation for off-roading

BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System de-latches the front stabilizer bar when off-roading at low speed and over large obstacles, allowing a primary benefit of maximum wheel articulation and therefore, maximum possible traction, and a secondary benefit of increased ride comfort. Semi-Active Roll Control uses a self-contained hydraulic mechanism to latch and de-latch the stabilizer bar with the push of a button. It can unlatch under load (and from the driver’s seat), and when re-latching, the Self-Centering EZ-Latch™ feature in the hydraulic mechanism will cause the stabilizer bar to latch from any position. The Self-Centering EZ-Latch™ feature does not rely upon pins or spring-loaded actuators, but instead uses the motion of the suspension to “power” the sealed hydraulic system within the Semi-Active Roll Control System.

Automotive News has selected BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System (SARC) as a 2021 PACE Awards Finalist.  Selected from among a tremendously competitive group of high-caliber applications, BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System stands out as the only suspension technology in the international field of 31 finalists from 27 different companies.

 Winners of the Automotive News PACE Awards will be announced on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

About BWI Group

BWI Group is a full-service supplier of chassis, suspension, and brake products for the Automotive OEM market. With a heritage reaching back nearly 100 years, our people, technical centers, manufacturing plants and intellectual property enable us to bring to market a product range from items such as twin-tube dampers and brake system components to highly sophisticated systems which are expertly integrated into the world’s best automobiles.

About the Automotive News PACE Awards

The Automotive News Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence (PACE) Awards, now in its 27th year, is recognized around the world as the industry benchmark for automotive innovation.  The 2021 edition of the Automotive News PACE Awards will be awarded to international automotive suppliers in recognition of a technological innovation in product or processes that has reached commercial application.

BWI Group’s Portfolio enhanced with Semi-Active Roll Control

BWI Group has further developed the active roll-control system by combining a second generation rotary actuator with a unique hydraulic system, allowing the stabiliser bar to be connected for on-road use, or disconnected for off-road use.

For the first time we speak about this in the latest Vehicle Dynamics International: