BWI Group is Growing

BWI Group is Growing

06 December 2023  With new facilities, new business, and a renewed commitment to Customer satisfaction and innovation, BWI Group is expanding the scope of its activities in the European Union by bringing electronically controlled braking systems to the market.

“In order to reduce logistics costs and meet local production requirements of customers, BWI plans to establish controlled brake production lines and local supply chains in Europe. With localized production lines and supply chains, BWI will be closer to customers and provide faster and high-quality services. This will also enhance the competitiveness of BWI products in the European market, laying a solid foundation for further expansion of the by-wire brake business,” said George Chang, CEO of BWI Group.

BWI Group is intensifying the effort to expand within the EU by building upon a strong foundation of by-wire products. With the opening of a new Technical Center in Europe, BWI Group will bring great value and superior performance to Customers to realize its corporate vision of Empowering Smart Mobility.