BWI Group Fangshan Plant Reduces Carbon Emissions

  Starting October of 2019, the Fangshan Plant completed its 1.5 MV roof PV power generation project with BWI Zero Investment and enjoyed 30% electricity price reduction with reference to standard price of national grid.

  Average annual green power generation volume is about 1200MWh, total produced 4150MWh. It has reduced carbon emission about 2506tCo2 and achieved cost savings more than 1million yuan. Additionally, it reduced carbon quota cost about 0.20 million yuan each year. Looking forward, during the next 25 years of photovoltaic electricity generation, it will reduce carbon emissions by 18000t Co2 and contribute cost savings of approximately 6million yuan.

  In January of 2020, the air compressor waste heat utilization project was put into use, replacing the gassed boiler of the electroplating line. It annually reduced gas consumption by about 38,000 m³, saving natural gas cost of about 100,000 yuan. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 82 tons each year. The is a project to help the plant ensure the essential safety of operation.

  Through facility upgrading, lean energy management, and efficient operation of each process, the BWI Group Fangshan plant’s utilities spending per damper is reduced by 41% compared with 2016, and the comprehensive energy consumption (main utilities) per damper is reduced by 48%. Major utilities spending accounted for sales reduced 38.6% from 2016.

  By implementing the sustainable development strategy of “BWI 2.0,” the Fangshan Plant will continuously make further efforts on lean energy management along the journey of green development in 2023. The action plans include expansion of PV on some available areas which will increase green electricity by 3% and the upgrade to a new GVSD compressor which will not only reduce the power cost (35% cost savings), but will also meet increasing production capacity. It will reduce power cost by 0.50million yuan each year. The plant will improve its metering system and build an intelligent power data platform. With digital drive, the plant will achieve three-levels (plant level, regional level, equipment level) of energy consumption data.

The best of two worlds

What happens when you bring together a premium tier-one supplier of brake and suspension systems to the world’s leading automakers and a think tank that has been developing innovative concepts for the automotive industry for a quarter of a century?

You create a cooperation in which core competencies are combined in the best way imaginable! With the aim of offering customers even greater benefits and developing the future of braking systems for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

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New Lead Investor for BWI Group

BWI Group announced on September 19, 2022, that Beijing West Smart Mobility Zhangjiakou Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., led by Zhang Jia Kou Financial Holding Group (ZJKFH) and an assembled syndicate of key investors has acquired the majority ownership shares in BWI Group (BWI).  ZJKFH, brings a long-term vision to invest and grow the global BWI business.

As the lead investor, ZJKFH will cooperate with other investors to provide the benefit of their financial strength and diversified industrial portfolio to BWI. The new shareholders will operate the business with a team of experienced automotive executives led by Mr. George Chang, who is named Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Chang and his experienced global leadership team will focus on several business objectives including improving top line revenue growth and driving manufacturing excellence.

About Zhang Jia Kou Financial Holding Group (ZJKFH)

ZJKFH originated in the city of Zhangjiakou and is a diversified financial holding group. The city of Zhangjiakou is one of the car manufacturing bases in northern China hosting a series of major producers as well as several auto parts suppliers.

About George Chang

Mr. Chang is a well-regarded automotive executive with industry experience at Nissan and Autoliv.  For the latter he held various leadership positions, the most recent being Global President for Autoliv’s $8.0 B passive safety business.

BWI Group Named a 2021 Automotive News PACE Awards Finalist

Semi-Active Roll Control (SARC) System provides increased suspension articulation for off-roading

BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System de-latches the front stabilizer bar when off-roading at low speed and over large obstacles, allowing a primary benefit of maximum wheel articulation and therefore, maximum possible traction, and a secondary benefit of increased ride comfort. Semi-Active Roll Control uses a self-contained hydraulic mechanism to latch and de-latch the stabilizer bar with the push of a button. It can unlatch under load (and from the driver’s seat), and when re-latching, the Self-Centering EZ-Latch™ feature in the hydraulic mechanism will cause the stabilizer bar to latch from any position. The Self-Centering EZ-Latch™ feature does not rely upon pins or spring-loaded actuators, but instead uses the motion of the suspension to “power” the sealed hydraulic system within the Semi-Active Roll Control System.

Automotive News has selected BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System (SARC) as a 2021 PACE Awards Finalist.  Selected from among a tremendously competitive group of high-caliber applications, BWI Group’s Semi-Active Roll Control System stands out as the only suspension technology in the international field of 31 finalists from 27 different companies.

 Winners of the Automotive News PACE Awards will be announced on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

About BWI Group

BWI Group is a full-service supplier of chassis, suspension, and brake products for the Automotive OEM market. With a heritage reaching back nearly 100 years, our people, technical centers, manufacturing plants and intellectual property enable us to bring to market a product range from items such as twin-tube dampers and brake system components to highly sophisticated systems which are expertly integrated into the world’s best automobiles.

About the Automotive News PACE Awards

The Automotive News Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence (PACE) Awards, now in its 27th year, is recognized around the world as the industry benchmark for automotive innovation.  The 2021 edition of the Automotive News PACE Awards will be awarded to international automotive suppliers in recognition of a technological innovation in product or processes that has reached commercial application.

BWI Group’s Portfolio enhanced with Semi-Active Roll Control

BWI Group has further developed the active roll-control system by combining a second generation rotary actuator with a unique hydraulic system, allowing the stabiliser bar to be connected for on-road use, or disconnected for off-road use.

For the first time we speak about this in the latest Vehicle Dynamics International: