“No one can be an expert in every field. But within the group of experts our strength is to face and win every challenge.”

“No one can be an expert in every field. But within the group of experts our strength is to face and win every challenge.”

Michał Wójcik, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

QUESTION: How did your career progress at BWI Group?

Michał: I started working at BWI Group (formerly Delphi) in 2005 as manufacturing engineer. My assignment was to launch new production in our Krosno Plant, Poland. I continued my career in Technology Development as team leader. My next assignment was on new launches and capacity build in the newly established factory in Fangshan, China as ME team supervisor. Since 2018 I have been leading the Manufacturing Process Development team as manager.

Q: How did you grow as an engineer over the last 19 years?

Michał: Well, in short, over the 19 years as engineer, I have developed my skills, expertise and abilities. I had the opportunity to gain vast amount of knowledge mainly in the field of manufacturing engineering, but also industrial engineering, quality and technology development. To be efficient, I had to become fluent in statistics, problem solving, planning experiments, and I had the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice. When a company grows, employees grow too.

Q: What is what you would call your best professional experience?

Michał: At the beginning of 2011, I was responsible for launching new production at our factory at Fangshan, China. Firstly, launching a new manufacturing facility was a big challenge and a unique experience from a business point of view. Secondly broadening my skills in dealing and adapting to different cultures. I was a frequent traveler to China for 7 years, spent months there and gained an insight into Chinese culture guided by the best local guides – my Chinese colleagues.

Q. What would you call the most important lesson you learnt?

Michał: Importance of teamwork. A good team is the key to success. No one can be an expert in every field. But within the group of experts our strength is to face and win every challenge.

Q: The best advice you got from more experienced colleagues?

Michał: One of my more experienced colleague used to say: “Providing the highest service to our customers, we are improving as a company also. When we are addressing demanding customer’s requirements, we are developing as well.” I fully agree with this statement as I faced it several times during my career. And that’s why at the core of our values is one guiding principle: customer centered.

Q: The best advice you would give to the less experienced colleagues?

Michał: Beware of problems that have disappeared or seemingly solved themselves. Such problems tend to recur under the most unfortunate circumstances. If you really want to deal with a problem for good, you must solve it yourself.

Q: What attracts you to work in the automotive industry?

Michał: Well, it’s a good feeling to know that a world-class vehicle, which has just been revealed to the public during the last auto show was developed with your contribution.

Q: What do you like the most about working at BWI Group?

Michał: After so many years at BWI, I am still learning something new every day. Every project or task is different, it brings new experiences and challenges. Working in the development team gives me a unique opportunity to observe and experience new technologies and be around people who have passion for innovations. Participating in the development of new products, and then, bringing them to life on the production floor give me the greatest satisfaction.

CUSTOMER CENTERED is BWI Group’s main value and it’s behind everything we do. We take customer’s perspective to proactively anticipate customer needs. We believe our customer success is our success.