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Passive-Shock-Lightweight-Material-Variable-Wall-Thickness Compressed for Desktop

Reservoir tube with variable wall thickness

Strut applications are exposed to significant level of bending moments which are the highest at the mounting interface (knuckle). The conventional approach is to deliver a straight tube that fulfils the strength requirement but carries overdesign in the areas further away from the mounting. This novel approach is to deliver an outer tube where strain is equal along the tube’s length – tailored properties of the final tube deliver strength relevant to the stress level;

  • In the area of knuckle assembly, where bending moments are high, thicker wall thickness
  • In the area of spring seat / damper closure, where bending moments are lower, thinner wall thickness

Mass reduction up to 20% – depending on application (length of clamping area, diameter, wall thickness in clamp area).

Technology developed and implemented in-house, first production implementation in 2013.

Dominik Kasprzyk, Engineering Supervisor, tells us about Variable Wall Thickness Plus technology from BWI Group

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