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110 - Lightweight - Alu Strut

Lightweight materials

A direct way to reduce weight is to replace currently used materials (all grades of steel) with lightweight equivalents like aluminium or composite materials.

Potential applications:

  • Aluminium reservoir tube assembly (including spring seat and other vehicle interfaces) for twintube struts (first production implementation in 1997)
  • Aluminium tube for monotube dampers

Even greater weight saving may be achieved with composite materials. For structural elements, lower mechanical properties may be offset by complex plastic-molded geometry. Strength and stiffness is built through structural design instead of material properties.

Available composite material applications:

  • Strut spring seat (first production implementation in 2013)
  • Internal rebound spring (first production implementation in 2002)
114- Lightweight - Plastic Spring Seat
113- Lightweight - Rebound Spring
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