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Hydraulic Rebound Stop (HRS) for end of rebound stroke energy management

The aim of the Hydraulic Rebound Stop is to improve ride quality throughout the damper stroke while eliminating the impact and topping noise at fully extended position. End of stroke damping generated in HRS dissipates the energy which normally appears as a spike of energy when transferred through conventional rebound stops.

Hydraulic Rebound Stop features:

  • Progressive and smooth increase end-of-travel load
  • Rapid damping function recovery between events
  • Performance depends on position & velocity (the system is switched on when given rebound position is achieved)
  • Additionally as peaks of energy are trimmed off, there is a reduction of maximum value of rebound end-of-travel load transmitted to the car body during extreme events. Hence same vehicle’s body is able to support higher rebound loads.

Hydraulic Rebound Stop is compatible with internal rebound springs.

First production implementation in 2011.

122 - HRS - Drawing and Curve
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