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Charles-Kettering Cmprssed for Dsktop

Charles F. "Boss" Kettering, Founder of Dayton Engineering Laboratory Company (Delco)

BWI Group is the newest chapter of a rich automotive heritage which began in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Starting as Dayton Engineering Laboratory Company (Delco*), the business created the first electric starter for the global automotive market and went on to also introduce innovations in automotive lighting, ignition and other products. Later becoming part of General Motors, Delco Products was formed, and in 1927 manufactured shock absorbers. Over time many innovative automotive suspension products were introduced, including struts, leveling systems and electronically controlled damping. Delco Moraine, another part of BWI Group’s heritage with roots in the Dayton, Ohio area, was also a sister division of General Motors. Delco Moraine manufactured automotive brake products, beginning in the 1930’s with drum brakes. Over time other brake products were added, including power brakes, disc brakes, and controlled braking systems.

In the early 1990’s, Delco Products and Delco Moraine merged to create Delco Chassis, a full service chassis supplier of suspension and brake systems, modules, and components. In 1999 GM formed Delphi and spun off its component divisions. Delco Chassis became Delphi Chassis and embarked on a continuing journey of innovation and customer growth throughout Europe, Asia/Pacific and North America.

On November 1, 2009 BWI Group became the owner of Delphi’s suspension and brake businesses, serving the same well-known automotive, motorcycle, and specialty vehicle customers. The essential elements of the business continue with the same cutting-edge technology, management team, innovative employees, and quality products. Adding BWI Group’s resources, strong interest, and long term focus to the team sets the stage for carrying this proud heritage forward with future chassis products and services for our customers around the world.

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