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358 - Knuckles - Product Drawing


The knuckle attaches the wheel end braking components to the suspension. Knuckles are typically custom designed for each application per customer vehicle and loading requirements. The knuckle attaches to the suspension points, such as upper and lower control arms (via ball joints or pinch bolts), struts, and/or tie rod ball joints. The bearing and caliper are typically bolted to the knuckle. Knuckles can be machined from ductile iron or aluminum depending on customer preference for cost versus mass savings.



Starting only with suspension geometry points and desired vehicle parameter data, BWI Group can design and manufacture a knuckle for specific customer applications. Utilizing the latest analysis software and 40+ years of knuckle design experience, mass-optimized knuckles are created to meet customer structural requirements. Each knuckle undergoes a rigorous knuckle development process that includes FEA analysis and optimization of static loading events, fatigue loading events, and any additional customer-defined loading events. The knuckle design is then subjected to a validation schedule proven though years of real world production applications.




BWI Group designs are available in a full portfolio to support small car to full size truck and SUV applications, in both cast iron and aluminum materials.

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