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Electric Park Brake

363 - EPB - Product Picture


The Electric Park Brake (EPB) caliper provides park brake functionality at the touch of a button in your vehicle.

Replacing the mechanical park brake pedal/ lever and cables, the EPB is installed as a module with electrical connections.  Operating together with a controller, the EPB is set  to respond to driver needs while parking, launching and emergency braking.


BWI Group’s EPB is a compact motor-on-caliper system that is integrated with a rear disk brake to extend both the performance and convenience offered by a mechanical park brake.   Improved and automated park brake applies are now possible in a variety of stopping and starting situations to make the parking and driving experience more comfortable.  The VDA compliant design can be driven by an Electronic Stability Control or by BWI’s standalone Electronic Control Module

BWI’s EPB enables additional features such as automatic apply/release, Hill Hold and Launch Assist.  Care has been taken to ensure safe, quiet, and efficient operation.


BWI’s electric park brake caliper family is designed to support a variety of vehicles from A class to E class.  Available sizes range from 34.5mm to 41.5mm, and future sizes up to 48mm are planned.

BWI Group’s focus is Driving Technology. Our experienced  team strives to offer both performance and value to the OEM’s. Regardless of the project,  BWI’s goal and vision are aligned with your needs through open collaboration and support to provide the right technical solution for you and your end customers.

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