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Damper Modules


BWI Group provides not only dampers (struts and shock absorbers), but also complete damper modules. These modules can use either passive or controlled dampers. For those customers who wish to do so, BWI Group can design, source, test, validate and assemble the complete module, including all of the components (e.g., dampers, coil springs, spring seats, top mounts, steer bearings, dust shield, jounce bumpers, spring insulators, and fasteners). Alternatively, we can assemble the module using a combination of parts designed and/or sourced by both our customer and BWI Group. We have decades of experience assembling suspension and brake modules of several types in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America.


BWI Group’s legacy as once being part of a major vehicle manufacturer, combined with our long experience making both suspension and brake components, modules & systems sometimes gives us a unique perspective as we work to find the right product solution for a customer. Beginning with synthesis and analysis of the system, module and every component in the module, we have the capability and experience to take into account such factors as tire and tire chain envelopes, interface with other chassis components, suspension travel and wheel camber under various driving conditions, side loads, coil spring clash, isolator deflections, spring side load compensation, and a host of other factors which need to be considered. Real time road profiles can be converted to load profile files to drive realistic multi-axis and even full-road simulator testing and validation. Environmental exposure can also be tested (e.g., temperature, grit/salt spray, humidity).


Customers usually want to prioritize their vehicle plant floorspace towards building more vehicles, rather than using it to store part inventory and equipment devoted to assembling damper modules at vehicle plant labor costs. BWI Group’s ability to supply complete modules on a SILS or JIT basis enables customers to focus on what they do best. Customers around the world have reduced their inventory cost, lowered their vehicle assembly plant labor bill, and freed up floorspace to let them work on adding vehicle assemble capacity within their existing plant. Contact us; we can make a difference for your business.

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