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Brake System Design


A vehicle’s brake system allows the driver to slow or stop the vehicle, and it prevents a stationary vehicle from moving. The major components of a vehicle’s brake system include calipers, rotors, drum brakes, master cylinder and vacuum booster, controlled brake modulator, brake pedal, park brake lever/pedal, cables, pipes, hoses, and sensors. Some vehicle manufacturers prefer to purchase components separately, while others want to purchase a system or modules that are engineered to work together. A brake corner, for example, consists of a knuckle, a caliper/rotor or drum brake, a wheel bearing, and various fasteners.

While there are many global manufacturers that can machine and assemble these components, BWI Group is one of a select few that can provide fully integrated brake systems including controlled brakes, as well as engineered components per customer requirements.




BWI Group has extensive systems experience, tools, and procedures for brake design:

  • Legal compliance: FMVSS, ECE, etc.
  • Pre-determined brake pedal feel
  • Brake balance
  • Brake thermal capacity
  • Brake wear/lining life
  • Warranty
  • Controlled brakes system integration

BWI Group has extensive experience designing and resolving issues related to customer requirements such as brake roughness/pulsation, noise, pedal feel, and brake wear or lining life. This can lead to component changes that impact the overall brake system performance. For example, brake pad/lining selection is driven from a system perspective due to its impact on vehicle performance.

BWI Group employs robust proprietary modeling tools for brake pedal feel and brake balance as well as thermal and brake wear prediction. Vehicle and lab test procedures (both proprietary and customer) are performed at our global technical centers.

BWI Group truly offers the best value of brake system, component, and vehicle level knowledge.


BWI Group’s rotor and drum designs are available in a full portfolio to support small car to full size truck and SUV applications.

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