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Brake Rotors and Drums

357 - Brake Rotors and Drums - Product Drawing


The rotor (or disc) is a cast iron component in a disc brake system. The main function of the rotor is to dissipate the heat that is generated during braking events. The rotor dissipates the heat via conduction, convection, and radiation. The thermal storage capacity of the rotor is important to allow the rotor to store the stopping energy before it can fully dissipate it. Front rotors absorb up to 80% of the heat, so they usually are vented with ribs, while rear rotors absorb less and are typically solid discs. A brake drum operates in a similar manner like a rotor, but it is designed to work with a brake drum assembly instead of a caliper.


BWI Group utilizes our extensive system expertise to ensure optimized rotor performance. Proprietary in-house tools predict thermal performance through a variety of test schedules (mountain, single stop, city, track performance) to optimize mass versus temperatures. Lateral run-out is tightly controlled to ensure trouble-free braking performance.


BWI Group’s rotor and drum designs are available in a full portfolio to support small car to full size truck and SUV applications.

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