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Brake Corner Module

342 - Brake Corner Module - Product Drawing


A brake corner module or assembly typically consists of the wheel end braking components engineered and pre-assembled into a module that can easily be assembled to the suspension, wheel, and hydraulic system at the customer vehicle assembly plant. This typically consists of a knuckle, bearing, splash shield, and a caliper/rotor or drum brake/drum combination.


Sourcing a complete brake corner assembly gives the customer the benefit of a single supplier managing the design, performance, and manufacturing of a key vehicle subsystem. BWI Group can also optimize the critical performance issues like noise, pulsation, and output.

While there are many light assembly suppliers globally, BWI Group can use its vehicle performance and integration knowledge from our OEM heritage to solve vehicle, assembly, and component issues to help the OEM realize its braking goals.


BWI Group’s corner module designs are available in a full portfolio to support small car to full size truck and SUV applications.

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