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Air Suspension Modules


BWI Group Air Suspension Modules are designed to survive extreme off-road conditions while simultaneously providing extreme comfort on and off-road. Using a MacPherson strut design in concert with a side load compensated air spring, BWI Group Air Suspension modules are an integral part of a complete Air Suspension.


BWI Group Air Suspension Modules are validated and tested in extreme off and on road conditions to help ensure performance and durability for the customer.

Designed in a modular way, BWI Group Air Suspension Modules minimize the number of custom components and maximize commonality between the front and rear. The modules are made from three main sub assemblies; the top mount, the air spring and the damper.

The Top Mount can integrate the suspension bearing when required for a MacPherson strut construction.

It is designed to be air tight for the life of the vehicle.

BWI Group has experience with most available air spring technologies:

Cross ply Kevlar™ fiber springs are used for high pressure or high side load applications or when a contoured shape is required for packaging or variable spring rates.

Cross ply nylon fiber springs, supported by an aluminum-restraining cylinder, are used for high-pressure applications demanding superior ride comfort.

BWI Group Air Suspension Modules are available with possible damper configurations from the largest 28mm Ø damper rod twintube MacPherson strut to the multidisc high-pressure monotube. The air spring suspension module can be combined with BWI Group’s MagneRide magneto-rheological fluid damper with the objective of incorporating all the best features of BWI Group’s air suspension with advanced controlled damping.

The BWI Group Air Suspension Modules are supplied fully assembled and 100% tested for air leak. Low leak rates ensure vehicle ride height stability even during long parking periods.



Maintain same vehicle trim height independent of payload

  • Can be applied to single axle (front or rear), or both axles
  • Maintain vehicle aesthetics in all load conditions
  • Maintain or improve vehicle ground clearance when loaded

Improves Ride & Handling

  • Maintain constant body frequency as vehicle is loaded (suspension stiffness increases with air pressure)
  • Maintain full suspension travel in jounce and in rebound
  • Suspension kinematics remain consistent for the full range of loading conditions.
  • Suspension tuning is not compromised.
  • Allows automatic (or manual) selection of vehicle height depending on driving conditions
  • Highway setting to improve handling, reduce drag, and improve aerodynamics
  • Off-road setting for increased vehicle trim height for improved ground clearance
  • Lowered position for improved passenger access
  • Available only on 4 corner systems















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