Software Engineer

Key Responsibilities 

  1. Design, code, and verify embedded software for automotive embedded controlled system applications per requirements/detailed design
  2. Review and comprehend software specifications and actively participate in software meetings/work sessions/code reviews
  3. Perform software package integration and release from modular code content
  4. Maintain documentation and generate software test and quality reports as required
  5. Adhere to corporate and industry software quality standards and best practices for software development
  6. Proactively participate as member of project team, supporting team members in meeting project objectives and deliverables
  7. Assist in problem resolution of customer issues as required
  8. Support corporate and departmental initiatives, meetings and reviews as required


  1. Bachelor of Science in Electrical, Computer or Software Engineering (R)
  2. Proficient in C, C++ and assembly language programming for floating and fixed point automotive microcontrollers (R)
  3. Familiarity with configuration management systems (e.g. PTC Integrity, Cradle, etc.) (R)
  4. High level of analytical ability in solving highly complex problems (R)
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills (R)
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively in a team environment (R)
  7. Experience with automotive diagnostic and communication software (e.g. CAN, SPI, etc.) and automotive real-time operating systems (P)
  8. Experience with software development tools for real-time embedded control systems including DaVinci Developer, Electrobit Tresos, Lauterbach Trace 32 Debugger, Tasking Compiler, etc. (P)
  9. Familiarity with Automotive SPICE and MISRA software quality standards and software application lifecycle management tools such as MKS Integrity (P)
  10. Experience with AUTOSAR automotive software standards and AUTOSAR auto-code generating tool chains (P)
  11. Experience with Vector CANTech tool suite, including CANape, CANalyzer and CANoe (P)

(R): Required

(P): Preferred